Did you know that fleas do not bite everyone?  For example if you skin temperature is less than 85 degrees normally they will leave you alone.  Unfortunately women and children usually have a higher skin temp and therefore get bitten more than men.  This also means if not everyone in your family has bites that they were bitten elsewhere.  Those pest little jumping bugs could be living very close to you.

Most fleas cannot reproduce from biting humans and we all know they most likely are on our pet or strays animals.  What usually happens is your pet gets fleas in your yard, eggs drop off your pet as they wander through the house.  Eggs love carpets, upholstered furniture and yes, beds.   You walk across the carpet, sit on a chair, lie down on your bed and your movement wakes those fleas up that “food” is available and suddenly your ankles, calves and feet are under attack. If you sit on your furniture and wake these little creepy fleas up you get bites on your any place in your upper body that is exposed.  If these little buggers live in your yard you can not only get bitten but fleas can hitch hike into your home on you.

Don’t look with disdain at your pets either.  Id you have any critters living in your attic area they may “pay” you in the form of fleas. This is when you will need to hire a professional extermination service to boot out the poacher and get rid of the fleas.

There are great long-term products that can be used on your pet, natural treatments or prescribed by your vet.  Stray animals that have set up housing need to be identified and removed.  Then your house and lawn also need to be treated by an exterminator to be more effective and reduce the chance of infestations down the road.

There is an old Turkish proverb – “One does not burn a blanket to get rid of a flea.” Heck no, you call Coastal PC instead.