Doesn’t it just make you shake your head that a tiny little buzzing insect such as a bee can drive terror into the hearts of many?  Removing people that are highly allergic to these tiny little buzzing bees from the equation that leaves almost the rest of the world’s population.

Case in point, have one fly into your car as you are driving and you know the awesome power that tiny little buzzing insect contains.  There have definitely been auto accidents caused by a bee in the car.   We all know we should pull off the road if we start to hear or see that crazed bee hitting it’s head on the rear window of your car in a desperate and angry attempt to get out.

Lucky lady – unlucky car:

Worse yet imagine this scenario that a friend sent us about this couple in Ontario, Canada:

This is the one that is difficult to wrap our heads around:

Why would anyone try to remove bees on their own is the $64000 question.

If you see heavy bee activity around your home, our suggestion is to follow them and see if they are coming in or out of an opening in your house.  Don’t try to remove them yourself.  This is the time to call us – we have the professionals you need to remove them so you and your family remain safe.

Give us a buzz instead.