The summers in Texas are hot.  Hot and dry.  Last summer was no exception.

Temperatures last summer are identical to temperatures this summer anywhere between 105 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit in the shade. Officials are always reminding residents to bring their pets inside, not go crazy with the air conditioners and create brown outs throughout the region, and to be careful with friction while walking on grass.  Yes, be careful while walking on grass.

We are not strangers to the summer wildfires that occur here in Florida either, I just don’t remember ever being warned about being careful of friction while walking on the grass.  I know throwing a lit cigarette out the car window has resulted in fires (and no I do not know that from personal experience).

But wait this gets better-

Scientists at Texas A&M have discovered that insects walking on grass will cause grass to erupt in flames, destroying the insect in a millisecond as well as everything else in its path.

Myrmecologists (those who study ants) – seriously this is what they are called,  also agree with the data from the A&M research. Lead Myrmecologist, Evan Wright from the Greater South West Institute of Myrmecology (SWIM), states that their team of researchers discovered lines of burnt grass leading to charred anthills. 

And you thought only people spontaneously combust, right?

This gives a whole new meaning to being careful while walking on the grass – we used to just have to watch out for fire ant mounds, now we have to be on the lookout for ants on fire.

This and a quarter will get you a phone call – maybe but it sure was fun writing this!