We have a lot of fun in blogging but every now and then it is a good thing to share valuable information with you, the buying-a-house public.

Recently a real estate organization asked us for an article so we submitted one on wood destroying organisms here in the sunshine state.  Afterwards it dawned on us that, you, the buyer of a property should really understand what we look for when we inspect a home you may be purchasing.

We went to the University of Florida site for a complete explanation with pictures – yes pictures – of these nasty little insects that love to eat wood.

This is the link to their site where you will learn a lot – more than you wanted to probably but still needed to after all you want to purchase a house that is free from all these little buggers.

Keep in mind in FL carpenter bees and carpenter ants do not have to be reported, don’t ask us why – ask the state.


We are always here to take care of your needs in pest control.