A desktop PC once owned by Geoff Capes, has been found to have the extraordinary power of bug zapping.

Computers have not been previously known as an effective bug killer, but research has shown that this individual PC has been killing flies, wasps and moths for the best part of 1 year. Current owner, Jon Marshall explains:

“I had to open up the PC to install a new hard drive, but when I opened up the case, a whole mound of sodden, rotting flies and stuff rolled out of the shell. It was disgusting.”

“It was absolutely full, there must have been a thousand of these bugs.”

The apparent reason for the infestation is said to be caused by the fan. It seems it was wired incorrectly and was sucking air in instead of pushing it out.

“Y’see, the problem here is, ” said Mark Camode, PC Analyst, ” that the fan was sucking in the little creaturesbugs. Now, this is quite a powerful fan (it has to be, these P4’s overheat like buggers) and a fly would have had no chance.”

The computer has since been buried.