Every now and then it is fun to go searching on the internet for weird, yet true, stories from other pest control companies and we found a doozy today.  We don’t make these things up.

These are real questions/happenings.  Ready?

How many mice will there be when the eggs hatch?

Unlike some pests, mice are mammals and do not lay eggs. Those small dark-colored pellets our customer was asking about were actually mouse droppings!

Do you spray for mice?

There is no spray deterrent for mice.

How do you trap for stray cats?

Not our job. It is best to contact your local Animal Control if you are having problems with any feline friends.

Similarly, if you found two stray kittens living in your basement yesterday but can only find one today, it’s still best to call Animal Control to figure out how to lure the other out of its hiding spot.

Will you spray me for parasites?

We do not treat humans or pets for parasites. You must call your doctor for any necessary diagnosis or treatment to be prescribed the proper medication.

In addition, we cannot always check out your bug bites to identify what they were caused by. Please seek the assistance of a medical professional!


Some time ago, a small cafe in the downtown area had a big rat problem. While servicing the restaurant, our technician noticed a tail poking out of the soup in a large stockpot.

“Oh my! What is in that soup?” He asked the line cook.

The line cook reached into the stockpot and fished out a dead rat. The rat had climbed into the giant pot of soup and drowned without anyone noticing.

The startled cook gasped, “I’ve been serving this soup all week!”

Unfortunately, he said this in front of a counter full of people, and customers began rushing out the front doors of the cafe.

Moral of the story: if you’re a consumers, do your homework before eating out; if you are a restaurant owner, always maintain a healthy environment and call us if you think you have a pest problem!

Coastal Pest Control is here to help you with any pest control problem you might have except cats and parasites on humans.

Bet you stay away from soup in a restaurant for a while too.