If you’re afraid of spiders, you’re in good company–at least according to the Wikipedia page on arachnophobia, which states Justin Timberlake, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Simpson as sharing the affliction.


For example, one of the most infamous spiders, the brown recluse, has earned a terrible and outsized reputation for its supposedly deadly bite. Doctors often blame the species for spider bites, even in states where the brown recluse isn’t present.

Even where the species is present, says Dan Babbit, insect keeper at the Natural History Museum Dan Babbitt, “They don’t often bite people–they’re recluses, they tend to hide.”

How do you like this bad boy?


This is the pinktoed Tarantula.  Wonder who does it’s pedicures.  Because the pinktoe spider comes from the rainforest, it’s one of the few tarantulas that can climb trees, survive falls and even swim. Where other tarantulas would be killed by a drop of just a few feet, these spiders “can essentially parachute down” from the treetops.

Aside from their hidden talents, spiders also offer humans benefits in some surprising ways. Their venom has been used in scientific research for new medicines, their super strong webs  are helping designers dream up new industry technology and they’ve even inspired artworks and clothing products.

There are even new spiders still being discovered, like when spelunkers found a previously unknown family since dubbed Trogloraptor, or cave robbers, in southern Oregon.

We’re still a long way from ridding ourselves of arachnophobia.

Just how close are you to a spider right now?