Yes, we are back with a cockroach grossness alert.  You have been warned.

When this event happens it is advertised as an adventure in exotic cuisine.  This year, the event that is held at the Explorer’s Club in NYC created a magnificent (their word not ours) display of “off the plate” edible offerings for those brave enough to try delicacies that include yes cockroaches. This year they were fried.  The head chef, Gene Rurka, was quoted as saying they have “a crunch with a sweet creamy flavor.” Now you know.


Of course since Rurka is a chef he can make anything taste like something it is not.  He went on to say “you will feel the crunch in your mouth much like a soft-shelled crab.”

Grossed out enough?  Well there is more.

Rurka infused the cockroaches with ice wine, maple syrup, and orange juice and compares them to eating lobster tail.  Bet you are really excited to eat lobster now right?  And just to make you feel a little better he does heat them up to clean and “sterilizea” them.  Not sure how that makes them clean but he is the chef right?

This is the first time cockroaches were on the menu but Rurka wanted to make sure he could assure the guests that these pests were clean.

Rurka told the “Huffington Post” that 98% of the US population will not deviate from beef, pork, and poultry and that he is looking for that adventurous person who is willing to try something despicable.

We are in the 98% and happy to leave you with this thought – the remaining 2% are strange people.

Cockroach problem?  Call Coastal Pest Control of the Treasure Coast, there is no money in catching them and selling them to the chef.