Rain and bugs go together-so what can you do about this?

rain and bugs

Why are they coming inside, well hello?  It’s raining, it’s pouring – you know the old nursery rhyme.  These bugs aren’t snoring.

Why inside?  They want to be dry so they look for a safe place and your home looks inviting.  Larger insects can handle the rain, but smaller ones like ants, flies and spiders often need shelter or risk a certain death.

Here’s are some things you can do. Ants may be the most common pest you’ll find after the rain starts.  To remedy this, try laying out a piece of duct tape with a little jam on it (sticky side up friends). The ants will be attracted to the jam and will get stuck on the tape.  Kids love this and there is no 800 number to call for bug torture.

Often, Palmetto Bugs  may be found flying around your home after a heavy rain. They can find any and all entry points into your home because they have entry p0int radar. Make sure you have sealed off holes, window sills, cracks under doors and pipe entry points. If they didn’t come in when you opened the door, there is an opening somewhere that needs to be sealed.

Another way Palmetto Bugs enter your home is through drain pipes. They can hold their breath under water for 5 to 7 minutes! When drains aren’t used often and the rains cause waters to rise, the roaches will come up shower, sink and toilet drains.

Run hot water and pour a cup of bleach to cleans the drains and prevent the palmetto bugs from swimming in- stop giving them life preservers.

The tiniest crack or crevice is an open invitation to little critters. So grab an inexpensive container of caulking and some weather stripping.

When bugs cross the barrier of a home that has been properly treated by a Coastal Pest Control , the uninvited visitors should die shortly after entering your home. If you do see dead bugs in your home, there is no need to call us because it means the products are working.

However, if you see multiple bugs, it may be time for a re-treat of your home’s exterior. While you can buy insecticides yourself, it is safer and often more cost effective to trust a Coastal Pest Control to treat your home or office for pests.

Who are you going to call?  Call Coastal – 772-879-0904