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Yes, we are back with a cockroach grossness alert.  You have been warned.

When this event happens it is advertised as an adventure in exotic cuisine.  This year, the event that is held at the Explorer’s Club in NYC created a magnificent (their word not ours) display of “off the plate” edible offerings for those brave enough to try delicacies that include yes cockroaches. This year they were fried.  The head chef, Gene Rurka, was quoted as saying they have “a crunch with a sweet creamy flavor.” Now you know.


Of course since Rurka is a chef he can make anything taste like something it is not.  He went on to say “you will feel the crunch in your mouth much like a soft-shelled crab.”

Grossed out enough?  Well there is more.

Rurka infused the cockroaches with ice wine, maple syrup, and orange juice and compares them to eating lobster tail.  Bet you are really excited to eat lobster now right?  And just to make you feel a little better he does heat them up to clean and “sterilizea” them.  Not sure how that makes them clean but he is the chef right?

This is the first time cockroaches were on the menu but Rurka wanted to make sure he could assure the guests that these pests were clean.

Rurka told the “Huffington Post” that 98% of the US population will not deviate from beef, pork, and poultry and that he is looking for that adventurous person who is willing to try something despicable.

We are in the 98% and happy to leave you with this thought – the remaining 2% are strange people.

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Just when all of you might have thought we could not come up with a better story than last week we found this great tidbit from the Huffington Post.

Who knew????

Gives a whole new thought about whoopee cushions that’s for sure.

Mentioning whoopee cushions makes us realize fart humor has been around for a long time.  Not as long as cockroaches but almost.


Every now and then we find it necessary to digress away from what we do in pest control and share with you something you wouldn’t want to find in your backyard.

This past weekend crazy people went bounty hunting for these bad big boys and girls.  This one takes the cake and more.

Let’s call this karma.

A thief in Englewood, Colorado stole a car on Thursday -and the vehicle was filled with snakes, turtles, spiders, and other critters.

The owner of the SUV is Phil Rakoci, a local man who travels to schools and parties to teach people about reptiles, tells us.

Among the guests in Rakoci’s car when it was stolen: a 50-pound tortoise, a 13-foot Burmese python, a rattlesnake, five other (non-poisonous) snakes, three scorpions, five lizards, two turtles, one gecko, and one tarantula, according to the article.

That thief is lucky the snakes didn’t have what scientists are calling “mad snake disease.”

The disorder makes the snakes act sort of drunk-they throw up, stare blankly for long spells, and tie themselves into knots, the Huffington Post tells us.

In August, scientists made big strides toward figuring out what the mysterious disease might be. They know believe arenaviruses-something seen before in rodents and mammals but never reptiles-are causing the odd behavior.

Scientists studied the disease again when man snakes at the Steinhart Aquarium in San Francisco came down with the sickness. They’re still not sure how it spreads from one animal to another.

One defense tactic you probably shouldn’t try on reptiles, even if they’re disabled by mad snake disease: biting–though that’s just what one Nepali man did.

A cobra bit Mohamed Salmo Miya, so the man reacted by doing the same–and killing the animal in the process, tells us.

The 55-year-old man said he could have just killed the animal with a stick, but he was angry, so he gave the creature the same treatment he got. Miya, fortunately, survived the bite.

By Molly Rose |

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Once upon a time there was this volcano that exploded from underneath the seas over 7 million years ago.  It raises 1,844 feet into the air and is a towering thin rock.  It was named Ball’s Pyramid in honor of the British naval officer who saw it first. 

Pretty amazing looking rock and my rock-climbing friends are probably drooling over the thought of scaling this, but wait.  There is more to this story.

13 miles away are the Lord Howe Island Group, between Australia and New Zealand.  One day a ship ran aground on Lord Howe Island and it took 9 days to make repairs.  During this time the 4-legged mascots on board, otherwise known as Black Rats abandoned ship and much to their delight found a very tasty treat waiting for them.  Residents had named this treat Tree Lobsters.  They were not really lobsters, they were in fact 6-legged insects that held the honor of being the largest and heaviest flightless insects in the world. They masqueraded as stick insects and were as big as a human hand.

After two years had passed the rats had gone forth and multiplied and by 1960 scientists believed  the Tree Lobster was extinct.

Rumors came back though from climbers that skeletons of these insects were here and there, but no one wanted to verify this fact as these insects are nocturnal and no one wanted to climb that rock at night.

However curiosity got the better of two Aussie scientists and they actually did go over and climb 500 feet to where they had seen some vegetation and there they found big insect poop.  Nothing excites scientists more than poop.  They came back after dark and what to their wondering eyes would appear?  Not St. Nick I promise you that.  Underneath the plant they discovered 24 of these big boys and girls, and as they put it – it was a Jurassic Park moment.

Ready?  Here they are:

I think they are cool, wouldn’t bother me to hold one, but I know there are people probably leaving this article now except there is a happy ending, so please keep reading.

No one has a clue as to how they got from Lord Howe Island to Ball’s Pyramid, but they did.  After several years of debating moving them back to a “better place to live”, 4 of them were removed to Australia to be placed in a breeding program.  One pair died, and “Adam and Eve” survived and multiplied.

The people of Lord Howe Island are not to thrilled about having these large insects back, and then there is the problem of the grandkids, nieces and nephews of the Black Rats who could effectively wipe out the population again.

This is the rarest insect in the world.  The Melbourne Zoo is still working on this, in the meantime extinction has not won, and I only have one question, do they bite?  The answer is no.  Want one more peek?

I swear as a kid I saw these in a horror flick.