In business it is all about marketing or is it?  You can market your you-know-what off and get nowhere.  How you market is very important.  If you make a promise, how you own up to it can make you or break you.

When you listen to those who understand PR and marketing the good old 80/20 rule always comes up.  Business marketing should be 80% of what you talk about and 20% should be personal.  People want to know whom they are doing business with, and they want to trust.

These are things we, at Coastal PC, learn about when we attend our networking groups and when we listen to those who know a little more than we do in getting our word out there.

One thing that stands out loud and clear – or maybe we should label it one question that stands out when we are out marketing and networking is what’s you charity?  Everyone in business should have one (or more) and believe in it.

How do we begin most of our marketing?  We do it in real estate.  The contract you signed clearly asks for an inspection, and you are given  the names of companies that do these inspections.  After you close your deal there is a good chance you received something in the mail possibly with a discount.  Real estate agents are an important part of our business and we support them locally.

If we did not give good service we would not be in business.  It’s the circle of business and that circle does include supporting a charity.

This year we hope you will join us and sign up for a Friday filled with fun on the golf course where Coastal PC is sponsoring “Men’s Longest Drive”.  It’s a fantastic way to show appreciation for those you have either done business with or who have made your life easier and happier in some way.

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